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Fans of the MBLJoE

Woke up... target... dinner with family.. bed... smiles

Fans of MBLJoE
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Do you know someone on LiveJournal or MySpace who has absolutely no life—but still manages to write numerous daily entries about it? In atrocious English? Are television, eating dinner, superficial beauty routines, and shopping the foci of her (or his) entire journal? Does this person go to exotic places—and do the exact same boring things s/he does at home? Perhaps you would like to nominate that LiveJournal for the coveted prize of The Most Boring Live Journal on Earth™! We based this community on one particular journal, but we have expanded our repertoire of dull blogs for our morbid fascination.

  • Any topic relating to boring, repetitive, or superficial blogs is appropriate for this community. This covers quite a bit of ground. For example: Compose entries in the style of your favorite boring user. Discuss the psychology of writing the same thing—nothing—day after day (What is going through these people's heads? If anything?). Lament the decline and fall of the American education system (our canonical MBLJoE author went to college!). Use your imagination and intellect: after all, these people don't have either, and thus we must fill this void!

  • Most importantly, don't harass the objects of our derision; don't post anything directly into their journals that belongs here. That's hardly sporting, and it might get us unwanted attention from LiveJournal Abuse.

  • Along the same lines, try to be as discreet as possible when referring/linking to someone's journal. Remember to friends-lock posts.
"smooties", a lot/alot/allot, alcoholic girlfriends, back "rubes", bad decisions about everything, bad grammar, bad spelling, call my cell, cuddfle, cuddfling, dead-end job, dinner with family, drama, dull travels, ellipses, english abuse, fad diets and regimes, inability to think critically, incoherency, knowing your out their, lack of ambition, lap band support groups, laughability, lay/lie, limited vocabulary, loose/lose, low-carb diets, making fun of idiots, open communication, pork, pseudoscience, reminicing, same shit every day, sentence fragments, shoping, smiles, spare ribs, strip mall hell, stupidity, superficiality, swap meets, tanning salons, target, the biggest looser, the uneducated, their/there, urban legends, vapid entries, wal*mart, watching tv, your/you're